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Égaru Idea to Market is a card game to learn concepts of intellectual property and entrepreneurship. After its success in Spain, now we want to launch it to the American market. United States is the country with more patents and trademarks in the world and the existing training on intellectual property is not in any way very entertaining … with Égaru you can learn in an easy and fun way.

Kids, entrepreneurs, college students, professionals of any discipline… anyone can play Égaru and have fun learning!

Have an idea? Invest in R & D, protect it with a patent, manufacture your product in a sustainable factory, develop its marketing plan and take it to the international market to become the best entrepreneur!


Égaru is really easy to play. The first time you play you’ll become an expert.

The goal is to create projects starting with an Idea and ending in the Market, going through the different phases of the entrepreneuship process. Each player has their own projects, and if a project is not closed with the Market card, it doesn’t count for the final score, so you have to complete your projects to earn points. The player with more points when there isn’t more cards to play is the winner.


Each player has their own projects. You can start as many projects as you want, but you’ll only score the points of your closed projets (from idea to market). You can close a project with just 3 project cards or with 6 cards and as many Bonus cards as you want.










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